Mechanical design

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Design and prototyping

Our team is great at mechanical design, which is an integral part of any hardware project. Thanks to professional tools and attention to details, we can bring your ideas into 3D reality within a few days and present you the effects of the work in a friendly way using augmented reality devices and professional rendering tools.

The purpose of mechanical design is to create device components that are reliable, durable, and cost-effective to manufacture, and most importantly with a unique look that stands out from your competitors.

What does machine design involve?

You can count on our team to turn your idea into reality and to customize features to meet your customer’s needs.

Mechanical design focuses on the following areas:

  • Concept product design
  • 3D CAD Design and 2D drawings
  • Design for rapid prototyping
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEM)
  • Design for Assembly (DFA) & Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Generative design using AI

Our company offers not only pure mechanical design services, but also rapid prototyping solutions to reduce the time and cost of developing optimal solutions for your needs.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge in design for rapid production and low-volume manufacturing as well as great experience in design for assembly and manufacturing, which helps in taking an appropriate approach in product realization.

We are equipped with all the necessary tools to professionally assist you in creating all the required 3D and 2D files for prototyping and manufacturing your product. We analyze our projects from every possible angle to ensure high durability and reliability of the prototypes by performing computer analysis and fatigue testing.

With Yellowhammer you can save time and money in product development. Do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

Recent projects

We develop products and produce rapid prototypes for customers in various industries: consumer & wearable electronics, food processing, micromobility, automotive, medical devices, hardware startups, and prototyping.

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